Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Favorite Photo: An Excursion to Mattituck Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Although Graveyard Rabbits have the gift of finding excitement in graveyards, one of the principle attractions of the graveyard for them is the peaceful atmosphere. The photo I have chosen as my favorite illustrates this sense of peace.

The photo shows my father-in-law standing in front of Mattituck Presbyterian Church in Mattituck, Long Island, New York. When we visited my husband’s parents last January, on a freezing cold day, with snow on the ground, my father-in-law Howard took me out to this church and cemetery so that I could do some photography and transcribing. The air was so cold that it was difficult to write or even to get my fingers to push the button on the camera, but Howard waited patiently for me. He knows a lot about the local history of this area and has knows a number of people in the families who have lived in this part of Long Island for many years, so he was able to fill me in on some of the history of the church and the people buried here. Despite the cold, we had a good time (or at least I’m hoping that he did, too) and were able to enjoy the stark beauty of the snow-covered graveyard. Some of the best times are to be had in the simplest of activities while quietly appreciating the beauty around us.

Submitted for the August 2009 edition of the Graveyard Rabbit Carnival: Favorite Photo.


  1. You can sense the calmness of the cemetery from the photo as your father-in-law waits for you. Isn't the sky blue? It is a beautiful photo.