Friday, November 20, 2009

Seven Good Things About Being a Graveyard Rabbit

In gratitude for nominating The Graveyard Rabbit Afield for the Kreativ Blogger Award, I am dedicating this post to my very erudite and talented fellow Texan Judith Richards Schubert of Tennessee Memories (as well as Genealogy Traces, Cemeteries of the Covered Bridges, Cemeteries with Texas Ties, and Food Gratitude - she's a busy lady!):

These are just seven of the many enjoyable things about being a Graveyard Rabbit:

1. It’s peaceful.
2. It’s educational.
3. You are a member of a community of interesting people.
4. You get to work on your photography skills.
5. You never know whom you might be helping with the information you post.
6. Each graveyard has its own atmosphere and its own beauty.
7. When you mention to your children that you are a Graveyard Rabbit, they look at you as though you had just announced that you have decided to “go Goth.”

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